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About us

AIR-tech is a technology company with a professional background and many years of experience. He specializes in research and implementation of state-of-the-art technologies, processes, materials and electronic equipment in aviation.

We have a number of innovative projects and realizations in our portfolio, such as the production of light aircraft, quadcopters, propulsion, electronics, etc. We have also successfully participated in a number of prestigious competitions.

Our great benefit for the client is our own research and development, a large range of theoretical and practical knowledge and experience, thanks to which we are able to design individual hardware and software solutions for each situation at the highest professional level.

Main civil and military uses

Protection and supervision of objects
Survey of target areas
Fulfillment of strategic tasks
Search for targets and people

Within the contract we can
offer the following services:

  • analysis of your requirements and design of a functional "turnkey" solution
  • detailed design and technical documentation
  • testing of technical equipment and drones
  • quality warranty and post-warranty service
  • professional operator training with certification
Air-tech PD s.r.o.


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